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At FREY, we aspire to combine traditional craftsmanship with a passion for innovation. We create sophisticated recipes and continuously reinvent them to create the ultimate chocolate experience. Quality is our top priority, and all of our ingredients are selected with meticulous care. In addition to our uncompromising standards, we also participate in sustainability projects to ensure that our customers can enjoy our products with a conscience. With 135 years’ experience of authentic Swiss recipes and exquisite natural ingredients, each of our products is its own unique masterpiece.

In a nutshell: Premium chocolate, uncompromising quality.


100% made in Switzerland. We are proud of our heritage and what we stand for - premium quality that meets the highest standards. As well producing all of our chocolate in Switzerland, many of our ingredients are sourced locally. We also draw inspiration from 135 years of experience and craftmanship.

We started out as ordinary chocolate bars and cocoa powder back in 1887 has become a diverse range of sophisticated creations.

Our Chocolate
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Premium Swiss chocolate requires the highest quality ingredients. We source our ingredients from producers that offer fair working and living conditions, and are committed to shaping a better future for people and the environment. High social standards and sustainability are an important part of this commitment. We also aspire to build long-term partnerships with local producers and participate in local projects. For example, since 2012 we have been sourcing cocoa beans directly from the Necaayo cooperative in Ivory Coast, an association of approximately 500 farmers. This has enabled us to get to know the members of the cooperative, build trust, identify the farmers’ needs and provide targeted support, such as by installing water pumps, building schools and constructing a new health clinic with a maternity ward.