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The best things in life come in thin and elegant packages. Our Supreme line is made of only premium ingredients and the highest standards of Swiss chocolatier tradition. From tried-and-true flavors to unexpected and novel variations, Supreme Flat Bars are as thin and delicate as they are out-of-the-box delicious, so there’s nothing inelegant about finishing in one sitting.

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Supreme Crunchy

We’re a bit nuts for nuts. Paying homage to our love of all things small, round, and crunchy our Supreme Crunchy Bars come packed to perfection with all sorts of deliciously flavorful nut variations. Paired with highest quality Swiss chocolate, every Supreme Crunchy Bar is a crispy sweet sensation.

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Switzerland without mountains would be kind of weird. Same goes for our Mahony line, which turns premium Swiss chocolate and crunchy, flavorful honey-almond nougat into distinctively shaped chocolate bars that are as mountainous as they are delicious.